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Spinal Compression Fractures


A Detailed Explanation of Spinal Compression Fractures A spinal compression fracture is an injury to the spine. It occurs when a part or the complete vertebrae is fractured and collapses. This type of injury is most common in the thoracic spine. There are several causes associated with spinal compression: Osteoporotic disease: It can lead to [...]

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Herniated Disc


Herniated Upper Disc and its Signs and Symptoms The spine supports our back and gives us the ability to be upright. It is normally made up of thirty three vertebrae where the lower nine are fused in the sacrum and coccyx region. The twenty four upper un-fused vertebrae are separated from each other by 12 [...]

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Get To Know All About Nerves!


Get To Know All About Nerves! A nerve is the basic unit of the nervous system. It provides a path for action potentials to travel from the periphery to the CNS as in the case of sensory neurons, or from the CNS to the peripheral organs as in the case of motor neurons. In the [...]

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A Complete Guide to Shoulder Arthritis


A Complete Guide to Shoulder Arthritis The shoulder is often called as the most movable joint in the entire body. This is because of the instrumental role it plays in most daily activities. This daily wear and tear can lead to shoulder injuries. Repetitive shoulder injuries, such as dislocations, often predispose to shoulder arthritis. What [...]

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Shoulder Problems


Shoulder Problems: The Causes And The Solutions Our arms are a very important extension of our body, due to the instrumental role they play in helping us carry out a wide range of daily tasks. This also makes them very privy to injury, especially at the shoulder joint, which is the most movable joint of [...]

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Muscle Relaxants


Muscle Relaxants and Their Use in Managing Back Pain Muscle relaxants are a group of drugs that are used to treat muscle spasms, which are sudden involuntary contractions of a muscle. They help relieve pain and can increase the mobility of the affected muscle. They work by the inhibition of signals related to pain in [...]

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The Relation Between Bad Walking and Sciatica


The Relation Between Bad Walking and Sciatica: Explained It is the little things that build up over time to cause big effects; many small ripples create a wave. We often don’t realize that things that we do not pay much attention to in our lives such as our posture while sitting or the way we [...]

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Shoulder Injuries


Shoulder Injuries: How, Why and What Shoulder injuries are a very common injury mostly associated with high intensity sports where there are great chances of bodily collision with one another. The most common form of shoulder injuries are shoulder dislocations. In fact, about half the dislocations reported in emergency departments are shoulder injuries. What is [...]

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All You Need to Know About Joints


All You Need to Know About Joints Joint are the area where two or more bones articulate (make contact) with each other. This allows the skeleton to function practically. While most of them allow many degrees and planes of movement, the skull sutures are immobile and only serve to form a tight cavity that protects [...]

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Why Do We Get Shoulder Pain and How To Treat It


Why Do We Get Shoulder Pain and How To Treat It Shoulder pain can be a huge nuisance to everyday life. It can distract you from work and it won’t let you get a good night’s rest. Shoulder pain can be due to a physical injury or it could be a manifestation of a condition [...]

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