9100 Momi, Musculoskeletal Analysis

Musculoskeletal Alignment
& Balance Analysis by
Automatic Joint Recognition

Multidimensional Analysis for musculoskeletal imbalance and misalignment
Biomechanical analysis that causes body imbalance and misalignment and prediction of future deformity
Musculoskeletal symptoms by analyzing muscle extension and contraction
Auto ROM examination
Self-Therapeutic exercise video and motion recognition exercise tool

Technological Features

Automatic Musculoskeletal Analysis

Automatic joint recognition with Infrared Camera is convenient and quick to perform musculoskeletal imbalance and misalignment analysis.

Moire Topography Analysis

Moire topography analysis can be the indicator about various musculoskeletal diseases such as vertebrae, thoracic ausciliation and lumbar vertebrae, and effectively compares to muscle shape before and after treatment.

ROM Examination & Therapeutic Exercise

9100Momi automatically measures joint movement range limitation by musculoskeletal diseases or traffic accidents and can perform as a motion recognition exercise tool in real time.