Stretch for a Healthy Spine

Stretching is one of the best exercises for a healthy spine. Many chiropractic companies aim at improving both the spinal and the overall health of their clients. One way to achieve this is through stretching, and stretching has been proved to be effective when paired up with chiropractic care. Some of the few reasons as to why stretching is good for a healthy body and spine include;

  1. Pain Relief

Stretching is very effective in relieving pain caused by muscle tightness, and sitting for longer periods. This is important because it eases the tension in the body, making you feel lighter and ready to continue working. Many patients resort to seeing their chiropractor to find relief from pain. In chiropractic, some of the adjustments used include removing the vertebrae of the spine, which in turn leads to pain relief and eases the tension in the body. The best way that you can use to further promote this tension relief is through stretching.

In addition to that, stretching is also essential in relieving back pain, lower back and other muscle group. For instance, with the coronavirus pandemic ruling the world, many people are working from home. Getting a comfortable spot to work from without any distractions from your kids or other family members is challenging. This has made many people work from their beds or the couch, which has great negative effects to the body. It can lead to back pains and stiffness of the neck. Stretching helps in solving this problem since it relives the tension on the body and reduces the back pains. When stretching is combined with chiropractic care, the end results are amazing and leaves you feeling great.

  1. Stability

One of the main responsibilities of a chiropractor is to create and maintain stability in the body. Stability helps in keeping one active, enabling him or her to accomplish his daily tasks with ease. Regular chiropractic adjustments help in maintaining stability, but involving stretching increases the benefits that one gets from both. Stretching helps in increasing and elongating the functions of the muscles. Regular stretching is important for the body because it leaves you feeling fit and able to keep the body balanced and strong. If you feel tired most of the time or you feel like you want to boost your health then a stretching routine and regular chiropractic adjustments are essential in keeping the treatment of the body balanced at all times.

  1. Movement

Many people are living a sedentary life especially during this coronavirus period. Most of our free and busy time we spend sitting on the couch or on the bed. Most of our time is spent on sitting while working, watching television or just being on your phone. In addition to that, our sitting posture is disrupted in these events and this can also lead to back and neck pains. Staying in one position for long hours in turn results to stiffness of the body, hence causing inability to move freely.

Consequently, inability of one to move freely can also result to being overweight. This is because you are sited most of the time, and if you get free time, or take a break from work, you are either lying on the couch or sleeping. Minimal or no physical activity is incorporated in the routine and this is dangerous for one’s overall health. Moreover, you can develop other health complications such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Stretching for a few minutes does magic in the body by restoring movement and loosening the stiffness in the body. Stretching leaves your body more flexible and mobile, enabling you to go about your daily activities with ease.

  1. Prevention of Injuries

Stretching is also important in the prevention of injuries. This is so because, when you are stretching, you are preparing your muscles for any exercise movement, meaning that your chances of getting injured when engaging in an exercise are decreased. Moving the body becomes much easier when your muscles are stretched and warm. Moreover more fluid is produced in the body which help in the prevention of injuries.

  1. Posture

Stretching is also important for maintaining a healthy body posture. Poor posture leads to common problems such as back pains and headaches, which in turn cause discomfort to an individual. You can reverse these problems before they occur by adding stretching as part of your exercise routine. Stretching is important because it strengthens your muscles, in turn encourage g proper alignment of the body. Body posture will be more vertical and not slouched.

  1. Increases energy

Stretching also increases energy in that it increases the flow of blood and nutrients throughout the entire body. Increase in the flow of blood through the body in turn helps in increasing one’s energy levels. You feel refreshed and ready to tackle any task that may come your way. For instance, with many countries under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fitness centers have also been closed and many people are not as active as they used to be before the pandemic. Jogging for half an hour may be extremely tiresome because we lack the required energy levels to get going. The good news is that stretching does not require any equipment to do. All you need is free clothing and maybe a yoga mat and you are good to go. Stretching the body for about ten minutes every day can make a huge difference on how you go about your activities.

In conclusion, stretching is underrated by it is essential for the overall health of the body. In addition to that, stretching before and after a workout is also important for the body in that it helps the body get ready for a workout and cool down respectively after an intense workout. Stiff and tight muscles in the body that come about as a result of sitting for long hours can also be improved on through stretching. Therefore, stretching plays an important role in one’s overall health and well-being.