Intersegmental spinal traction

Intersegmental spinal traction is a passive and non-invasive therapy, which induces passive mobilization into vertebral spinal joints and discs. It gently stretches out the spinal ligaments and discs to increase mobility and improve circulation of spinal fluids. The patient lies on their back facing up on the traction table with their neck and knees supported by cushions. The rollers slowly travel up and down the spine while putting it into extension, which gently stretches out the spinal joints. The amount of force on the spine is set to the patient’s comfort level.

What conditions does intersegmental spinal traction help with?

This therapeutic treatment is often used for helping patients who has muscular spasms, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, general joint stiffness or hypomobility, and lumbar facet syndrome. Please contact our office to see if this therapy is beneficial in helping you with your condition.