Collar Bone Pain


Collar Bone Pain The pain in the collar bone might be as a result of many underlying factors. The clavicle bone might be suffering from war and tear or it might be broken. This might be one of the reasons why people experience collar bone pain. In addition to that, the surrounding ligaments might also [...]

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Some Exercises for Neck Pain


Some Exercises for Neck Pain Neck exercises are a common part of all treatment plans for the neck. Neck exercise programs usually consist of aerobic exercises and strengthening and stretching exercises. These exercises help you get rid of the pain eventually allowing you to exercise normal movement. In this article we focus on some important [...]

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Ways to Treat Stiffness of Neck after Sleeping


Ways to Treat Stiffness of Neck after Sleeping There is no greater inconvenience than waking up with a stiff neck after sleep. The hindrance to activity caused by the condition can hamper our plans for the day. Some people often elevate the condition by going on with their regular activities despite reduced movements and intense [...]

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