Anaheim, California

Anaheim is situated in Orange Country, California and is a part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. According to the Census held by the US, it has a whopping population of 336, 265 and Anaheim has the second-largest city in Orange County as it has a vast land area and has many tourist and local attractions like the Disneyland Resort, among others.

Anaheim came into being in 1857 by German families and it was a part of the agricultural community until Disneyland opened in 1955. This made Anaheim into what it is today, having many indications of a developed city.


Anaheim is made from Ana, which came from the nearby Santa Ana River and Heim meaning home in German. Primarily, Anaheim produced grape and wine then carpenters and craftsmen took hold and made several buildings there. For almost 25 years Anaheim was the biggest producer of wine in California. Then, other crops like lemon, oranges came and completed the vacuum.

Helena Modjeska

Helena Modjeska, a famous Polish actress settled in Anaheim along with her husband and friends and there are many places that are named after Helena Modjeska and her associates.

Early 20th century

Anaheim was ruled by orange groves and landowners by the 20th century and they used many ideas on how to improve the city that Anaheim was. The landowners helped other landowners to make communities thrive and succeed. Anaheim has many attractions like Disneyland that opened at this time and famous parks that made Anaheim famous.

There were several skirmishes between members of the Klu Klux Klan and Catholic Germans for the reign in Anaheim. In 1924, Ku Klux Klan won the elections and they dismissed their opponents after this they led campaigns and rallies in Anaheim.

Disneyland and late 20th century

Disneyland has attracted large groups of visitors and the public since it first opened on 17th July 1955. After this, the value of property in Anaheim increased and the population grew rapidly as well. In the 1990s, Anaheim found the Anaheim Resort area and more avenues that increased its popularity.

21st century

Disneyland has induced many ideas like the Disney California Adventure Park and this led to an increase in popularity. In July 2012, two men were shot dead in political protests and this led to looting of businesses and homes.


Anaheim is almost 25 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. It shares its western border with Buena Park and Cypress.


The city is known to have many districts, like the Anaheim Resort, Anaheim Canyon, Platinum Triangle, and Anaheim Hills. These represent Anaheim and make it what it is today.

Communities and neighborhoods

Downtown Anaheim can be found in the main Colony Historic District. Anaheim Ice is located in Downtown Anaheim. A major museum was opened by the name of The Muzeo in 2007 and they opened their gates to the people. Pearson Park can also be found in Downtown Anaheim and this Park is a major tourist attraction. In it, the Pearson Park Amphitheater is known to be popular and there is also the Woelke-Stoeffel House that was the headquarters of the local Red Cross until the early 1990s.


Anaheim has a Subtropical Mediterranean climate and they have warm winters and hot summers.


By 2010, The US Census reported that Anaheim has a population of 335,265 and the racial makeup is a mix of whites, Asians, Native Americans, African American, Hispanic/Latino and others. The age distribution is concentrated the most at 25 to 44 years of age than before 18.

By 2000, there were 328,014 people in Anaheim. The average income was $47,122 of households and the family income came at $49,969.


Anaheim’s economy is based on tourism. The Walt Disney Company is the city’s largest employer and they contribute more than $4.7 billion per year to Southern California’s economy. It also gives $255 million in taxes every year. Anaheim’s Convention Center also contributes along with hotels and parks.

The Anaheim Canyon business park takes over 63% of Anaheim’s industrial space and it houses more than 2,600 businesses and has over 55,000 workers. Companies like AT&T, Banco Popular, CKE Restaurants, and Disneyland Resort among many others contribute to the economy of Anaheim.


There are many attractions like Anaheim Convention center, Anaheim GardenWalk, American Sports Centers, Anaheim’s Founders’ Park, Anaheim Ice, and the most famous Disneyland Resort.

Sports teams

Many teams like the NHL, MLB, NLL, and NBA, SFL exist and play/played several games.

Government and politics

Anaheim was known to be the most politically conservative city in the United States. However, in recent years this has changed and voters have started changing voting patterns and proven to be less politically conservative compared to before.

City government

Anaheim is ruled by a council-manager government and their legislative authority is found in a city council of seven nonpartisan members and they hire a professional city manager to look after daily operations. The mayor is the presiding officer of the city council.

By 2014, all council seats were elected as voters elected the mayor along with four other members from the city council to lead for four whole terms. However, several protests led to changes in the number of council seats from 5 to 7.


Emergency services

Anaheim Fire Department provides Fire Protection and Disneyland Resort has a Fire Department as well. Anaheim Police provides Law enforcement and Care Ambulance Service gives Ambulance services.


In 2013, Anaheim reported 9 murders even though it has a huge population. Rapes are not common in the city however they have been increasing. Robbery has around 410 cases and 824 cases of assault along with 1,971 burglaries and 654 car accidents.



Anaheim has several public schools like Anaheim Elementary School District, Anaheim Union High School District, Centralia School District, Magnolia School District, Orange Unified School District, Savanna School District, Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District.

Higher education

Anaheim has 3 private universities: Anaheim University, Southern California Institute of Technology and Bristol University


Anaheim has eight public libraries.


In Anaheim Hills, the major surface streets that lie west-east have Orangethorpe Avenue, La Palma Avenue, Santa Ana Canyon Road, and Nohl Ranch Road. Around Seven Caltrans maintained by state highways lie around Anaheim and 4 are freeways. Anaheim has two major railroads, the Union Pacific Railroad, and BNSF Railway.

The Orange County Transportation Authority gives bus service to locals and bus routes to connect Anaheim to Los Angeles County.

Anaheim can be reached from John Wayne Airport and Long Beach Airport and from Los Angeles International and Ontario airports.